Depicting Diversity.

By Claudia Tyborski

“Deconstruction helps me discover new, different figures and prove that we are not limited to just one shape, size or vision. This leads to meditations on beauty and diversity – I wonder, is what we take to be real at face value really as real as it seems?

We live in a world of constructed reality, based on examples, based on beliefs…

Deconstruction may allow us to break down this reality, to decide whether it is genuinely real, for us.

In this world, we have a deep-seated desire to accept of every type of body. Placing the human body and the figure at the centre of my work is my way of discovering when, and why we started to look down upon the diversity of the human body.

I like the notion of the existence of a collective devoted to deconstruction and bringing together artists who work in a comparable manner. This is, once more, a proof of diversity – one guiding line, with many different interpretations.”

Claudia Tyborski, Baby, 2021, analog collage on paper.

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