DF Art Project Exhibition Le Bloc

Le Bloc 19 rue Saint Grégoire, Poitiers

from 14th may to 5th june 2022

Exposition DF Art Project Parc Le Bloc Poitier
Summary of the exhibition:

Large brutalist box at the gates of the city canter of Poitiers, “Le Bloc” is a unique space, a concrete setting with immense walls which hosts photographic works, sculptures, video installations, and all other visual, plastic, choreographic proposals. or sound requiring a more or less long time of demonstration.

DF ART PROJECT is an international art collective that aims to popularize the concept of Figurative Destructuralism. It brings together living visual artists who share a common vision of their art. It consists of fragmentation of reality, its perspective, distortion, and dynamic transformation. It’s a conceptualization of artistic practices already existing in painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, collage, digital art, performance and installation.

In collaboration with Le Bloc, DF ART PROJECT offers a collective exhibition representative of its artistic line around the destructuring of the figure. All disciplines and media can be selected for exhibitions at the “Le Bloc”. Experimentation projects, interaction, and the crossing of techniques are preferred. Likewise, artistic proposals which question the individual, society, our environment, echoing current issues (identity, gender, the human condition, etc.) are preferred.



You are an artist and you would like to participate in DF Art Project Exhibition Le Bloc Poitiers.

The call for the artist is open for all artists whose works correspond to the artistic line of Figurative Destructuralism:

  • • Artist members or adherents of the DF collective.
  • • Non – artist members of DF collective.

Registration deadline: 15th March 2022.

A selection committee will meet at the April 2022 to select the artists and their works.


You can:

  • • Download, complete, sign the registration form + the agreement and send them by mail at dfcurators@gmail.com
  • • Register online by filling the form below, attach a completed and signed registration form + the agreement , and confirm it by clicking on “Submit” button under the form.

Online Registration

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