DF Art Project Exhibition Au-delà des Contours - Call for Artists - October 03nd to 12th 2024


Beyond the Contours evokes the idea of going beyond the traditional boundaries of figuration by pushing the frontiers of artistic expression. Figurative Destructuralism, as an artistic movement, challenges preconceived notions of figurative representation by deconstructing forms and exploring new perspectives.

In this exhibition, artists explore the infinite potential of deconstructing contours in their artistic practice. They reject the fixed conventions of realistic representation and seek to capture the essence of the subjects depicted. By fragmenting forms, playing with perspectives, and experimenting with new means of expression, they create works that defy traditional viewer expectations.

DF Art Project Exhibition Fragmentation & Reconstruction - June 19th to June 29th 2024


The concept of “Fragmentation and Reconstruction,” approached from the perspective of Figurative Deconstructivism, explores how artists use formal deconstruction to rebuild new figurative representations. This artistic approach challenges reality by fragmenting forms and figures, and then reconstructing them in a non-conventional manner.

In this exhibition, artists embrace a “deconstructive” approach that disrupts pre-established notions of figurative representation. They break down and fragment into distinct elements, only to reconfigure them in a new and unprecedented way.

Last exhibition – DF Art Project 2023

Pavillon 18, Parc Floral de Paris

DF Art Project Exhibition Floral Park - Nov 23th – Dec 3rd 2023

Presentation :

Since June 2019, strengthened by two years experiences founded on the recruitment of artists across the world and their promotion on df-artproject.com, as well as its other information and communication sources, the DF ART PROJECT has decided to present a collective exhibition for the third time in Pavilion 18, an exhibition space of 360 square metres

DF Art Project Exhibition Le Bloc

Exposition DF Art Project Le Bloc 2022
DF Art Project Exhibition Le Bloc
DF Art Project Exhibition Floral Park 2022


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