Mini Freak Exhibition

Génie de la Bastille Gallery

from 8th June to 20th June 2021

Mini Freak Exhibition - Génie de la Bastille Gallery
Exposition Mini freak Génie de la Bastille
Exposition Mini Freak Génie de la Bastille
Summary of the exhibition:

DF ART PROJECT is an international art collective that aims to popularize the concept of Figurative Destructuralism. It brings together living visual artists who share a common vision of their art. It consists fragmentation of reality, its perspective, distortion and dynamic transformation. It’s a conceptualization of artistic practices already existed in painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, collage, digital art, performance and installation.

Le Génie de la Bastille is a recognized association of general interest, created in 1984. It brings together more than 90 professional artists in the field of contemporary art and creates proximity and dialogue with the public through implementing innovative artistic projects. This associative gallery works, among others, with cultural instance including the Society of Authors of Visual Arts and Fixed Image (SAIF), the Union of Photographers (SNP), the Union of Trade Unions and Professional Organizations of the Visual Arts ( USOPAV.) The gallery defends the conditions of creation and exhibition of artists. Scaffolding projects are his priorities.

In collaboration with Le Génie de la Bastille, DF ART PROJECT offers a collective exhibition representative of its artistic line around the destructuring of the figure. The objective of this exhibition is to present in the heart of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, in a busy and dynamic district where activity is supported by shops and restaurants, small formats, financially accessible, for young collectors and art lovers that will be able to follow their favourite artwork without breaking the bank.