photo de l'auteur

Beyond abstraction.

Par Nicola Bertoglio

‘I would like to clarify that my intention is not to express something, as this is integral to the

creation, but more precisely to understand something.

Starting with bodies, I photograph them without any preconceived notion of the shape I am seeking. I examine the contours of the bodies, the individual anatomical parts, letting them loose in my mind leading to constructions that make perfect sense to me, despite being bizarre or distorted.

The human figure became integral to my research at a certain point in my journey when I felt the need to investigate reality to get to know myself better. I reached the point where I needed to go beyond abstraction and landscape to focus on the individual.

I think it is vital for me to be part of such a vast and exquisite collective like DF ART PROJECT that incorporates a multitude of experiences, defining not only new languages but also and above all making our voices heard in such a chaotic and deafening historical moment.’

Nicola Bertoglio, Psiche, 2014, photography on aluminium support, 71 cm x 40 cm

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