Summoning the Wild Woman

By Marie-Christine Palombit

“Human beings are at the centre of my visual research and this practice is achieved via the representation of the body in all its states. For me, the naked figure and its postures reveal what we really are – nothing is concealed. I do not wish to convey an emotion or a state of life through the prism of facial expression or the masks they induce; I would rather develop figurative scenes expressing acts of human necessity with a symbolic character – walking, touching, rubbing, pinching, planting, picking and welcoming, crouching down, calling, running, picking up, embracing and showing…

With this approach as a base, I then felt a need to discover and encounter what I refer to as “the sacred feminine”. This interior quest has led me to touch upon the heart of the attributes that make up feminine polarity. The specificity of this energy naturally strikes a chord with the development of intuition, of listening and working with the living, under all its guises. I knew that through drawing, painting and photography, I was going to be able to develop these qualities that touch upon what Clarissa Pinkola Estès, Jungian psychoanalyst and storyteller calls, “The Wild Woman”. Here, we encounter the core of a resilience yet also a transformation. My approach is therefore turned into a genuine process of creation.

Understanding and practising the processes of development and metamorphosis connected in this way to the human has always fascinated and arrested me, right down in the heart of my belly. Also, this will to transfer and hand my understanding, my exploration of the great human mystery back to the world remains a visceral necessity in order for me to feel truly alive. Teaching has allowed me, though adapted pedagogy, to help others satisfy their deepest desire to free themselves from their constraints and beliefs limiting in the field of creation.

I am already a member of different artistic groups. However, within the DF ART PROJECT, there lies an energy, emanating from this collective, from its approach, from its yen to bring together similar sensitivities – an energy that is really moving. At the moment, it is difficult, to toil alone, even punishing. We are in fact often isolated in our respective workshops. And even if this solitude is willed and necessary, finding our creative kin, as well as our audience, is a vital act bringing a sense of belonging that has even become a lifeline for certain among us.”

Marie Christine Palombit. Voyage Du Héros series : Le Combat Avec L’ange, Mixed media on dragon skin paper on canvas, 2020, 220 cm x 210 cm.

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