A Soul that can be read through a Body which has been maimed …

By Claude A. Thibaud

“My projects involve work on the body and its environment – its transformation, that difficult equilibrium between flesh and spirit, and its contorted struggle to reach this equilibrium – as if it were placed on the tray or tilting table we come across in certain pieces.

What is real has become unreal, expressed and metamorphosized through the staging of a body, and this torn representation lets us make out, beyond actual body matter, a tortured soul in a state of liquefaction. This representation plays with organic flights which undulate and oppose each other, like images of life, death and rebirth.

The figure is essential and the importance I give it, by rejecting the diktats of classic anatomy, resides in the fact that this figure must be deconstructed and analysed, and through this process of deconstruction and reconstruction, ultimately, I aim to reach the soul – a soul that can be read through a body which has been maimed.”

Énigme, 2019, acrylic / pastel on canvas, 120 cm x 110 cm.

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