Multiple Interior Figures

By Nadia Nadège 

“My work questions our contemporary identity. It is crossed with tensions between various polarities – creation of the self and social identity, sense of belonging and thirst for emancipation, aspiration to permanence and desire for change. Today, identity is multiple, discontinued, fragmented, slippery. My creative process reflects this fluctuating mix. (…) My artistic gesture calls upon identity-building interiority, this guides me towards our primary psychic organisation – infantile construction – and as a result, harks back towards our origins. I thereby express the genesis of my humanity and in this sense, I have fashioned a magic mirror for all human beings on a quest to find themselves.

In each of my pieces, creation brings with it a birthing process. The fundamental mission of the artist resides in the creation of new worlds… I ceaselessly question our contemporary identity – hybrid, mixed or nomadic. This implies an obsession for the portrait under different guises: Painting or etching, drawing or sculpture, support and surfaces in confrontation or interconnected – textile, plaster, wood, paper or pixels. However, I am not so much interested in the figurative portrait as its reconfiguration with its multiple interior figures.

Have you already performed this exercise where you stare at yourself in a mirror intensely, fixedly and for quite a long time? After a while, a moving, floating, changing image appears before your eyes… as if, suddenly, a great many faces representing your own self filed past in a kinetic diorama. Shamans say that these are our lives flitting by, our spirit animals taking shape, our soul unveiling its essence.

These imaginary worlds peel back the curtain to restore humanity in our dehumanized modern world. Transforming reality is, in fact, denouncing the illusion of our perceptions and the frailty of our beliefs. This illustrates just how multiple our fantasmagorias are, and they seem so real we perpetuate wars in their name.

When we bring together this vision of the world that we share – not reality as we perceive it to be, but our vision of what it actually IS, essence supplants appearance, art reconfigures form…Transforming what is real altogether implies placing our imaginary worlds within reach of these artworks.

Relational practice, as well as social art and cultural mediation are causes I fight for to reenchant our surroundings and foster links with other artists and environments. When we create, together, beyond language, beyond difference, beyond the challenges of our contemporary world… art appeases us, reconciles and reassembles us. And when we meet up again, our voices carry further, and reach for higher.”

Faunes & Sylvains, la sève et l’écorce series : Untitled I, 2021, mixed technique on canvas, 91 cm x 61 cm.

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