Julia Saludo, Forces in Presence

Par Caroline Canault

Julia explores the private elements of the living world, scours interminable depths using black and white photography, and graphic processing.

These assemblies, these combinations each build new stories. They reveal what exists without being visible; autonomous fragments created within spaces that can be read in several ways, at multiple speeds.

Julia raises questions surrounding the body, its environment, and the loss of bearings. This process is seen as a metamorphosis that prompts us to think about the nature of the space we can perceive.

Our reactions to these works are also connected to the possibility of recognition, familiarity deriving from a fictional association. The beautiful and the formless, emptiness and fullness, the domestic and the unknown all echo each other, and new meanings are conferred onto the trivial.

Caught between judgment and illusion, each print is an invitation to let emotion express itself, first and foremost, before this very emotion is questioned. Her works are forces visited by a liberated presence, hybrids, images in a state of fusion.

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