MIME – When the senses falter

By Caroline Canault

MIME. Agrippee, 30 cm x 40 cm, Collage on paper, 2019.

Mime seeks inspiration on his travels and on the dusty shelves of second-hand bookshops. He leafs through pages, rummages through racks, cuts up, reshapes, conceals, and brings images together, using collages of torsos, the faces of strangers and works of art sourced from the aesthetics of Ancient Egypt and Antiquity, as well as contemporary and classic architecture.

Through subtle shifts, he orchestrates a blurring of our senses. He probes deep down, moving from the legible to the visible. Little by little, the contours of a story, the intuition of a narrative are etched out and remain part of an enigma that exists only to be fulfilled.

He ingests and methodically digests the figures he brings together in a definitively incongruous manner and forges the reappearance of memorial traces issued from our classic, modern, and contemporary culture. Thus, pictural boundaries are dissolved.

The works of Mime are a perfect invitation to revaluate the way we decipher the future potential of past works. They lend themselves to a game of references, like a memory one has forgotten, a memory which surges back up with a new personality, emerging like an aesthetic emblem which has never been seen before.

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