By Caroline Canault

His women walk at night. The weight of their bodies is upheld by curved postures and they seem held aloft by underground, tribal forces.

In this darkened space where shadows dominate light, obscurity becomes a vehicle for revelation through color. Red blue and yellow come together to make the figure all the more radiant. Following her intuition, guided by the emerging colors and interaction between mutating materials, the artist interprets images, orchestrates chance, and reveals, in this instant, different paradigms.

Marie Christine Palombit. Voyage Du Héros ( lumière du jour ) : Le Combat Avec L’ange, 220 cm x 210 cm, Mixed media on dragon skin paper mounted on canvas, 2020.

Through a technique combining oil, acrylic, ink, and pastel placed upon “dragon skin” Chinese paper, creased contours begin to appear. Bodies are doubled, super-imposed, destructured, yet their dominant traits stay static – feet, hands, buttocks, and breasts all remain perfectly identifiable. The artist wishes that no head should be visible so as to signify that all thought is excluded, only the posture and body speak, using their own language.

Bodies unveil clues to the essence of femininity, following in the very footsteps of certain representations of primitive religions, and here, the archetypes of dreamscapes unique to Marie Christine Palombit are expressed.

The painter redefines identity, suggesting new forms, combining the dismembering of the body with that of its own attachment, like a symbol of the life-death-life cycle.

Marie Christine Palombit’s work is undeniably an expression of figurative destructuralism.

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