Hélène Planquelle: The body as a space for metamorphoses

By Caroline Canault

The artist treats the flesh with an anatomic graphic edge and noticeable realism, yet lets her models express themselves in a contemporary fashion exclusive to her work. Her bodies sweat, expand, and slowly take possession of their surroundings by seeping out of the visible borders, no longer hemmed in by their silhouettes. They speak through their living, voluble lines. Singular poses, carefully directed, conjure up an abandonment, a definite lasciviousness – they provide a glimpse of the organic.

Kisses, interlocking, loving embraces, and sensual games permeate her work. Tracing, transparency and duplicated limbs intermingle, reinforced by a fragmented background – all this contributes to the figurative destructuralism of the composition.

Recomposed figures subvert the pictorial representation of anatomy. Perpetually distorted, bodies mingle, come together – and are sometimes replicated. From the back, the front or the side, silhouettes spring forth from their own flesh, flesh turned into an open field.

Nude, purple, red, and pink tones – remnants of the palette – contribute to the exaltation of these communing bodies and reinforce their visual impact. Hélène Planquelle invites us to approach the distinct reality of the body space for metamorphoses, caught between creative and destructive impulses.

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