Plumbing the depths of human relationships.

By Hélène Planquelle

“The DF Art Project has allowed me to meet artists with a creative vision which is similar yet also different to mine, and this has led to many synergies as well as the realization of common projects according to a coherent artistic line. 

My work explores the depths of human relationships, love transformed into hate, pleasure into suffering, and vice versa. 

I create double-image compositions present on several levels – the upper image becoming entrenched in the lower one to form a composition that is unique and fragmented at the same time. The whole of my work is based upon the human figure. The relationship to others is what underscores the entirety of my approach.”

Hélène Planquelle, In The Confines Of Fear II, Charcoal on paper, 75 cm x 55 cm.

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