Revisiting the notion of a perpetual presence.

By Marcus Debie

“Most of my work involves fusion between humans, nature, and the animal world – principally birds. It aims to raise awareness – we must be more at one with nature, not think we are above it all. We must show more appreciation for Mother Earth and put a stop to the global pollution of the air and oceans and oppose climate change.   

I combine cubic and organic shapes and by fragmenting them, using similar composition to that of Picasso or Hieronymus Bosch. Whether I am using specific support or technique, I attempt to harmonize realism, anatomical proportions, and graphic movement. I have created a system whereby time is condensed into a concept, which, in closing in on solid, immaterial forms, may be crystallized into a geometric shape, thus revisiting the idea of a perpetual presence.

My artistic passion has been fuelled by people, nature, films, and documentaries, as well as by certain aspects of street art. An early interest in the graffiti scene prompted me to search for an artistic path by painting in a language where urban inflections and murals both play an influential part. Graphic elements are equally present in my art, as well as the juxtaposition of classic Greek art, of statues, of surrealism and of cubism. I create on a wide scale, with paintings on canvas and sculptures. 75% of my art is achieved with spray paint, but I also use acrylic, resin, torn paper, rusty bolts, and I started to experiment with oil paint in 2019.

It is always great to be a member of a collective of artists with similar styles, to function in an inspiring manner. I also hope to be able to contribute some of my new work to one of the collective exhibitions in Paris, in 2022.”

Gomad Graffix, Eye Popping Pt2, 2018, Aerosol and acrylic on canvas, 120 cm x 100 cm.

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