Towards a Transformation of Reality

By Michèle Coudert

“Artistic work is essentially individual. Being part of a group such as the DF Art Project allows me to access a professional, yet external outlook, one which is objective but also benevolent. United we stand!

With my stylised and hybrid figures, I wish to focus on an eye, an exchange of glances, sloping towards the mouth that invites dialogue. The bridge of the nose, the shape of the eyes, arabesques which delimit the head like horns of crowns, these make us think of augmented reality. These faces aim to foster a link between my imaginary world and that of the spectator.

The geometric shapes assemble in fragmented forms to create diagrams and patterns. The mix of materials, sometimes sources of light, recomposes the figure in a mosaic of effects and colours, caught between abstraction and figuration.

The face is one of the first points of contact with another. It expresses an emotion, tells a story, true or false. These singular figures are visual fairy tales that each can claim as their own.”

Bicéphalopodes (parce qu’ils le valaient bien), 2022, Collage paprer, fabric and acrylic, 30 cm x 40 cm.

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