We are engaged in ceaseless cellular transformation 

By Serge Ponty 

“I appreciate belonging to a collective of artists who have anchored their practice in a different representation of classic patterns of figuration, yet I live in an area where classic representation remains pregnant with meaning.

Authenticity is something important to me and I think embracing this type of orientation asks for genuine commitment. Being part of this ‘family’ is a stimulating factor in the progression of my work.

Since our conception, are engaged in ceaseless cellular transformation, modifying or altering our corporeal envelopes, always in connection to the world surrounding us. Through my work, I attempt to conjure up the alternation of our physical representation to touch an inner world of energies and emotions, without forgetting the spiritual dimension – this notion of the sacred which s so important in art.

My work is based upon several axes.

Firstly, transparency and dilution. In other words, the confines of our bodies disappear through the fractioning of this body, or else, it is diluted, gradually erased by a glazing effect or plays on materials, in a more general, more or less global manner.

I then work on ’dematerialisation’, a term used in IT  that I have claimed as my own. I work through touches of paint and the fractioning of lines which aims for a representation of human identity as partial cellular transformation, one which is continuous and linked to time which lies all around us.

Finally, my work secures roots that allow for form and pictural materials to embark on a search, bringing this work closer to the vegetal, to the mineral, yet still, in connection to the ground we walk upon (terrestrial axis, skeleton, verticality…)

I seek to translate a more global vision of the human, of our relationship to space and time, one classic figurative representation cannot address, as it aims for resemblance. Yet for me, the figure remains an important entry point into the world of emotions. Its alteration or transformation calls, through distancing with traditional imagery, for an entrance into another dimension.”

Dématerialisation V, 2021, oil on canvas, 81 cm x 65 cm.

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