A woman under the Influence of the Organic.

By Marie-Jeanne Avgerinos

“What I am trying to express depends on the moment when I initiate a specific work, my state of mind at the time. I may be triggered by something I have read, an image, an encounter… So according to the moment, I shall express things differently, and generally speaking, my work is influenced by organic aspects.

I have always been captivated by works representing metamorphosis and hybridisation, from prehistoric times, throughout the history of art.

The figure operates in two ways in my work –  firstly informally and unpredictably. In this case, I try to emphasize and encourage the vision I perceive as emerging within a speck or a blot, for example, which gives the figure less of a structured character. Secondly, I also engage in live drawing and in this case, try to adhere more closely to the original form.

Belonging to an artistic collective provides me with an outside gaze on my work and helps me benefit from an organisation capable of promoting this work, in the sense that this collective provides us with the relevant tools regarding communication, promotion on social media and creation of exhibitions. I hope that through this channel, I may come into in contact with other artists.”

Marie-Jeanne Avgerinos, Dragonesse, 2021, tea, watercolor, ink, pencil on paper, 32 cm x 41 cm.

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