Expressing a sense of disappointment with the way we live together

By Denis Blondel

“Taking part in the DF art Project primarily means discovering a wealth of talent in an artistic vein close to mine and feeling part of a family united in common thought. Of course, it also gives me the opportunity to take part in wonderful exhibitions that match my artistic vision.

I try to express my view on our society and humanity. I feel disappointed in the way we co-exist. Some would argue that this is a pessimistic viewpoint… to me, it is realistic!

I have reduced mankind to its animal, carnal aspects, to tendons and other nerves, often naked, raw and exposed. Intellect no longer serves a purpose, only impulse survives. A yearning for life, death and destruction. My figures are but mosquitoes gorged on blood, waiting to be stamped out.

I start with a figure and take it as far as possible towards the non-figurative. Only a few minute points of reference appear. This relative abstraction leads to a new figure that the spectator is free to interpret at will.”

Denis Blondel, Selfie no.3, mixed media, 2019, 100 cm x 100 cm.

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