My work is a truth telling of the soul.

By Aline Khieu

“I seek to bear witness, to expose the vulnerability of the human – guilty, innocent, dirty, coated in confession. My work is the truth telling of a soul whose contours are fine, over-wrought, sometimes slapdash.

I focus on details which may seem insignificant in the eyes of others, but which are important to me. They explore my own vision of the spectrum of emotions.

The figure is important, as it is the expression of the soul emanating from the body. Facial features are what we make out at first glance. When dealing with emotions, lying is not an option, and I wish to emphasize this authenticity.

I feel I have integrated a community by joining the DF Art Project, alongside artists whose work procures a sensation of closeness to me. I was in the habit of working alone, becoming part of this collective has brought me a sense of sharing, of exchange and of belonging.”

Aline Khieu, Elle fait la fête seule, Encre sur Papier, 2021, 42 cm x 29,7 cm.

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