Orlando Latour – a Diffuse Blurring of Reality.

By Caroline Canault.

On canvas, figures are deconstructed; their mingling colours revisit the creation of silhouettes.

Orlando Latour squashes portraits with a classical appearance out of proportion, thereby contributing to a redefinition of figurative art. His process of erasing the traces of memory is an emanation of Figurative Destructuralism. His introspective standpoint highlights questioning via distortion – a diffuse blurring of reality.

Subjects appear or disappear from the surface, and it is precisely within this transformation of a body’s outer casing that deep sensitivity wells forth. Figures seem to float, airborne, suspended in fluid, a game played between elements surging forth and fading away.

Orlando Latour possesses a capacity for extracting substance from the unexpected by devising a blast of representation and contrast. This new experience of the pictorial act allows the motif to be stretched out, to be condensed. This state of upheaval, this material subject to unstable movements places us at the heart of an anachronic feeling stretching far beyond the academism inherent to art history.

The artist deploys a highly singular pictorial universe where traditional technique and cutting-edge technology come together in a genuine invitation to accept the inaccuracies of our vision and to broaden the possibilities of perception.

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