The figure as a vehicle of life

By Jean René Berlioz

“Through my images, I do not wish to impose a particular theme or train of thought. The viewers should be free to interpret my photography and to claim it as their own, according to their personal sensitivities. What I do wish to do, above all, is to create an interaction, a synergy between the interpreter and the image produced. Using this statement as a starting point, the field of possibility opens up. There is no important or trivial subject – everything lies in the way it is treated. Accordingly, sublime hues can be conferred onto the most anecdotal of details.

The figure is an element inherent to each of my photographs, whatever their mode of representation. There is nothing more expressive in my mind, I would even describe it as a vehicle of life. It crystallises the affective – the emotions we are all impregnated with. Furthermore, it counterbalances the material, which in itself, lies inert. For all that, the material and the living are also indissociable.

An artist collective is necessarily a source of major influence in the sense that it allows each artist to amplify the visibility of their work, but also allows the artist to appreciate the evolution of contemporary creation. This exchange primarily takes place through a creative process of mutualization and common initiatives of communication. Creating a resonance between artists can also inspire coherence and creative sensitivity, as is the case within the DF ART PROJECT collective.”

Jean René Berlioz, Matière vibrantes series, Untitled 7 – 2015, pigment print mounted on dibond, 2021, 50 cm x 70 cm.

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